Poster Presentations


  • The poster’s first author is required to be present during the scheduled Poster Session to answer any questions.
  • Posters will remain displayed throughout the meeting.


  • You are responsible for providing a printed version of your poster. Poster sizes will be limited to 40 inches high x 30 inches wide.
  • Please be sure to read over all of the Poster Presentation Guidelines.
  • Posters considered for an award are indicated below with a * next to the title. First, Second and Third place awards will be given.
List of Poster Presenters & Presentation Titles
listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name
Last, First Name Submitted Title
 1 Agarwal, Kaushal Kishor Fabrication of a Flexible Silicone Mold to Minimize Distortion for an Orbital Prosthesis
 2 Aguilar, Maria Lucia Quantifying Patient Concern Inventory (PSI)© Items as a Predictive QOL Tool
 3 Arwani, Noura Digital Surgical Planning for Mandibular Reconstruction
 4 Arwani, Noura From a Small Bone Exposure to Extensive Rehabilitation; Diagnosis, Treatment, and Complications
 5 Bellicchi, Travis Intra-operative Facial Scanning and Rapid Prototyping Prosthetic Molds  for Immediate Nasal Prosthetics: Two Cases
 6 Boreak, Nezar Non-Surgical Management of an Odontogenic Maxillary Sinusitis with Oro-Antral Communication
 7 Canallatos, Paul Auricular Prosthesis Complicated by Aggressive Cancer Ablation Resulting in Superior Implant Placement
 8 Chuka, Richelle Comparison of Surgical-Driven Versus Occlusion-Driven Surgical Prosthetic Design of Jaw Reconstruction Rehabilitation
9 Colburn, Hannah Speech Recovery for an Obturator Patient Following Disease Recurrence in the Velopharyngeal Mechanism: Case Study
 10 Diaz Rubayo, David Obturator: Treatment for Maxillary Defect Due to Adenocystic Carcinoma
 11 Drew, Alexander Fabrication of a Custom Brachytherapy Implant Device
 12 Fitzharris, Benjamin Reconstruction of a Hemi-maxillectomy with an Oculofacial Communication
 13 Fujita, Haruka Current Status of Dementia and Wearability of Maxillofacial Prosthesis Among Patients At Maxillofacial Prosthetics Clinic
 14 Gazdeck, Kyle Immediate Endosseous Implants During Partial Maxillectomy for Edentulous Patients: A Guided Approach
 15 Greenland, Robert Immunosuppression for Composite Tissue Allografts: Strategies for Oral Health
 16 Haraguchi, Mihoko The Prospective Study of Masticatory Function and QOL in Segmental Mandibulectomy Patients
 17 Hata, Masaki Effects of Dental Pulp Stem Cells on Maxillofacial Bone Regeneration
 18 Hatano, Noriko An Application of Maxillofacial Prosthesis in a Maxillectomy Patient with Anterior Alveolar Bone Fracture
 19 Hattori, Mariko Use of an Intraoral Scanner for Digitizing an Ear Model
 20 Heckenbach, Eric Maxillofacial Brachytherapy Appliance Utilizing 3-D Printed Fixtures for Extra-oral Ligation: Case Report
 21 Hori, Kazuhiro Intraoral Air Pressure of Maxillectomy Patients During Pronunciation
 22 Huang, Yu-hui 3D-Printed Hyperelastic Bioactive Bone Substitutes for Craniofacial Regeneration
 23 Ino, Teruo Effects of Maxillary Defects on Record Base Stability for Edentulous Cases: A Finite Element Analysis
 24 Kelimu, Shajidan Evaluation of Color Changes on Sandblasted Acrylic Surfaces for Palatogram
25 Kelimu, Shajidan Position of the Artificial Tooth on the Morphology of Denture Space in Glossectomy
 26 Kincade, Carolyn Digital Design of Custom Abutments for the Retention of Osseointegrated Implant- Retained Prostheses
 27 Kincade, Carolyn Virtual Simulation of Occlusal Contacts on Edentulous Tooth Arrangements
 28 Lazic, Vojkan Facial Prostheses Retained on Basally Osseointegrated Implants in Irradiated Patients
 29 Le, Jenny Early Implant Retained Interim Obturators using Zygomatic Fixtures: The UCLA Experience
 30 Limchoa, Jenny Outcomes of Digital Surgical Treatment Planning versus Intuitive Surgery in Mandibular Reconstruction: An Update
 31 Liu, Rongguang The Long-term Follow up Maxillectomy Patients with O-ring Attachment: Case Report
 32 Matsuoka, Ayumi Clinical Trial to Manufacture Facial Prostheses by using 3D Facial Expression Models
 33 McClennen, Jay A Silicone Solution to a Large Mid-Facial Defect – A Case Report
 34 Medina, Jacqueline Palatal Augmentation Prosthesis Comparing Hollowing Techniques for Weight Reduction
 35 Miyamae, Shin Treatment with Implant-Supported Overdenture for Mandibulectomy Patient: A Case Report
 36 Muchhala, Stuti Spontaneos Healing of Bisphosphonate Related Intraoral Fistula
 37 Naveau, Adrien An Immediate Obturator Prosthesis with a Flexible Membrane for Soft Palate Defects: A Case Report
 38 Nayar, Suresh The Top 10 Treatment and Management Uncertainties in Head and Neck Cancer
 39 O’Connell, Dan Transoral Endoscopic Assisted Articulated Surgery – A Novel Cost Effective Approach to Oropharyngeal Cancer Surgery
 40 Ogino, Yoichiro Advantages and Disadvantages of Preoperative-Restored Implant Prostheses after Oral Tumor Resection
 41 Oliver, Jeremie Craniomaxillofacial Manifestations of Hartsfield Syndrome and Considerations for Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons
 42 Otun, Adegbenga A Case of NK T Cell Lymphoma Nasal Type Presenting As Pain of Odontogenic Origin
 43 Ozdemir-Karatas, Meltem Restoration of a Congenital Ear Deficiency with an Auricular Prosthesis: A Case Report
 44 Poelman, Marcella Prevention of HPV Related Cancer: Knowledge and Screening Practices of Dutch Dentists
 45 Rocha Fernandes, Aline Úrsula Extensive Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
 46 Rojanasakul, Nuntaporn Radiotherapy-Induced Trismus Management
 47 Sato, Naoko Multi-disciplinary Approaches for the Plate Reconstruction after Segmental Resection of Mandible by Virtual Surgical Simulation
 48 Sheng, Hong Effects of Polyphenols on Doxorubicin-induced Oral Keratinocyte Cytotoxicity and Anticancer Potency against Oral Cancer Cells
49 Sinha, Nikita Avascular Necrosis of the Maxilla Following Lefort I Osteotomy
 50 Sinha, Nikita Osseous Flap Failure Compounded by Sapho Syndrome: A Case Presentation
51 Srivastava, Akanksha Use of Digital Impression for Resolving Issues with Irreversible Hydrocolloids in Fabricating a Maxillary Obturator
 52 Sumita, Yuka Obturators to Facilitate Speech and Swallowing in a Maxillectomy Patient with Dementia and Cerebral Infarction
 53 Teshigawara, Daisuke Immediate Surgical Obturation with Full Arch Dentition after Partial Maxillectomy: A Case Report
 54 Thornton, Ian A Conceptual Framework for the Rehabilitative Management of Canadian Armed Forces Patients Requiring Maxillofacial Reconstruction
 55 Wagner, Elyse Defect Side Clasp Hacks: Why Clasp a Tooth-at-risk?
 56 Wang, Tong-Mei A Solution for Extreme Vertical Restoration Space after Extensive Mandibular Reconstruction
 57 Wojnarwsky, Pandora Incidence of Mandibular Plate Fracture
 58 Wu, Guofeng A Perioral Force Measurement System for Infants with Cleft Lip and Palate
 59 Xingzhou, Qu The Implants in Oral Tumor Patients-a retrospective Study of -12 Years of Experience
 60 Yoda, Nobuhiro Biomechanical Effect on Bone Remodeling in a Mandibular Reconstruction Case using Fibula Free Flap
 61 Zavada, Richard Provisional Restorations for Diagnosis Accuracy and Relation in Fabrication of Definitive Restorations: A Case Illustration
 62 Zhang, Dongsheng Clinical Outcomes of Mandibular Reconstruction with Fibula Free Flap and Delayed Implant-supported Prosthetic Construction
 63 Zhang, Manjin Mandibulectomy and Recurrent Carcinoma of the Left Mandible Case
 64 Zhao, Linping A VSP+CAD/CAM System for a Multi-disciplinary Team: 2017 Update
 65 Zhen, Wang Digital Design and Wax-up Model Analysis: Necessary Steps for Anterior Esthetic Implant-supported Restorations



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