Elective Workshops


SATURDAY, October 28th (07:45 – 15:30)
Morning Session: Advanced Jaw Reconstruction during Head & Neck Oncologic Surgery
Instructors: Drs. Dan O’Connell, Hadi Seikaly, Martin Osswald, Dale Howes, Chris Butterworth

The anatomic constraints of the craniofacial skeleton are a challenge for finding adequate bone for sustained osseointegration particularly in the ablated maxilla, the resected mandible and the rehabilitated facial bones using the grafted fibula. Regular implant fixtures seldom satisfy both the surgeon and the Prosthodontist for sustained osseous and prosthetic retention of the rehabilitation. A range of specific fixtures have been developed and researched with world leaders in maxillofacial rehabilitation to overcome the challenges of boney and prosthetic rehabilitation. The research, development, surgical planning and applications of the Oncology implant, the Co-Axis, the MAX, and extraoral implants including the FIRST fibula reconstruction kit developed for maxillofacial rehabilitation will be highlighted and demonstrated on prototyped models of the facial skeleton.

Post-surgical radiation therapy for oncologic treatment of head and neck malignancies has direct implications for dental implant health. Standard radiation treatment protocols may negatively impact osseointegration leading to implant complications including implant loss. The combined experience of multiple high volume treatment centers regarding special considerations in head and neck implantology in the setting of oncologic treatment will be reviewed.

•07:45-08:00 – Welcome and Registration
•08:00-08:15 – Opening Remarks and Course Overview – Dr. D. O’Connell
•08:15-09:00 – Mandibular and Maxillary Reconstruction – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly –Dr. D. O’Connell
•09:00-09:45 – Primary Dental Implantation in Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery – Pushing Surgical Frontiers – Dr. H. Seikaly
•09:45-10:00 – Coffee Break
•10:00-10:45 – Primary and Secondary Dental Rehabilitation in Head & Neck Oncology – Pushing the Potential of Prosthodontics. – Dr. M. Osswald
•10:45-11:45 – Special Considerations and Techniques in Oral Rehabilitation of the Head and Neck Cancer Patient – Dr’s D. Howes & C. Butterworth
•11:45-12:30 Lunch (Generously provided by KLS Martin)

Afternoon Session: Advanced Jaw Reconstruction – Hands on Workshop with generous support from KLS Martin
Instructors: Drs. Vincent Biron, Hadi Seikaly, Dale Howes, Martin Osswald, Dan O’Connell

Classic mandibular and maxillary plating techniques during head and neck reconstruction with osseous free tissue often provides suboptimal bone segment positioning for dental rehabilitation. The approach to surgical planning, intraoperative decision making, reconstruction plate positioning and bone segment positioning will be reviewed by world leaders in maxillofacial reconstruction. Participants will have the opportunity to use prototyped models of facial skeletons and osseous bone grafts to plan reconstructions, place and manipulate reconstruction plates and analyze appropriate facial skeleton relationships for optimum dental rehabilitation capacity. A high yield hands on workshop not to be missed.

•12:30-13:15 – Basic and Advanced Plating and ORIF Techniques in Head and Neck Reconstruction – Dr. V. Biron
•13:15-15:00 – Hands On workshop with KLS Martin plating systems including traditional and SDS Planned Head and Neck Reconstruction – Dr’s Seikaly, Howes, Osswald, Biron and O’Connell
•15:00-15:30 – Questions and Answers

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Includes: lunch


MONDAY, October 30th (15:00 – 17:00)
Cochlear Workshop: VistaFix Training Course
Instructors: John Vogrin and Patrick Hurley

Cochlear is proud to offer a hands-on training course focusing on both the surgical and prosthetic aspects of craniofacial rehabilitation utilizing osseointegrated implants. Attendees will have the opportunity to demonstrate the recommended surgical aspects on training models while using all of the tools and components necessary to complete a VistaFix system relating to auricular, orbital, nasal and mid-facial prosthetics.

Key objectives of the course are:

  • Introduce and familiarize attendees with osseointegration and implant-retained prosthetic rehabilitation as a treatment option.
  • Develop awareness of the multidisciplinary ‘team’ approach to patient care.
  • Introduce and familiarize Vistafix instrumentation and technical procedures.
  • Allow hands-on demonstration of surgical techniques on soft tissue models
  • Provide and develop networking opportunities for prosthetic rehabilitative professionals.

Cochlear will provide all that you need to learn and use for the hands-on portion of the session. It is our goal to provide the very best information during this workshop, and we encourage any and all comments, feedback and questions during the time we spend together.

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Workshops 3, 4 and 5 run concurrently. Please only register for one. 


TUESDAY, October 31st (13:30 – 16:00)
Factor II / Technovent Beginner Level Workshop: Silicone Elastomer Understanding
Instructor: John McFall and Diane McFall

There is much confusion and misinformation on the practical use of and choice of silicone for use in Maxillofacial devices. This afternoon workshop will include a variety of Factor 2 & Technovent silicone elastomers. The goal of this course is to openly discuss silicone elastomers and the reasons for choosing a particular silicone for creating various prosthetic and  3D devices. Participants will be able to openly address and physically see and handle various elastomers.

Two part RTV, LSR and HCR addition cure elastomers: will all be identified and discussed.

The entire time will be devoted to an understanding of the various elastomers and exchange of knowledge and choice of materials. Physical properties, bonding and open discussion to the choice of pigments and additives.

If time allocates participants will have the ability to mix, color and pack a mold with their choice of a variety of silicone elastomers.

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TUESDAY, October 31st (13:30 – 16:00)
Factor II / Technovent Advanced Level Workshop: Materials, Manipulation, Matching & Magnets
Instructors: Alan Bocca and Mark Waters

This afternoon workshop covers the integration of the Technovent/Factor 2 silicone elastomer and magnet retention systems, working from the chemistry behind silicone elastomers through the use of gels, packing of liquid silicone into the mould to the choice and integration of magnets into the final prosthesis. The course is aimed at those with some anaplastology experience who want to sharpen their skills on intrinsic colouration techniques and the use of magnets to retain prostheses.  The presenters have a wealth of experience in silicone science and anaplastology and the workshop gives the opportunity for the participants to ‘pick their brains’ in an informal atmosphere.

13:30     Lecture – Technovent Magnet System

13:45     Demonstration – Impression Technique with Magnets

The demonstration will run through the procedures of taking an impression when using magnetic retention ultimately leading to the construction of the baseplate which anchors the prosthesis in place.

14.00     Demonstration and Hands-On Session –  Colour Matching and Mould Packing

Demonstration of colour matching and mould packing of a magnet retained nasal prosthesis with Technovent/Factor 2 silicone systems, explains use of primers, intrinsic pigments, gels, anti -slumping agent and separators.  Participants repeat demonstration using pre-prepared moulds.

15:30     Demonstration – Auricular Magnet System and Spectromatch E-Skin

The final session will demonstrate the Technovent auricular magnet system giving invaluable advice on how to get the best out of the system.  Finally, a demonstration will be given of the Spectromatch Eskin system which enables users to produce reproducible colour matching in any lighting conditions.

16:00     Close

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TUESDAY, October 31st (13:30 – 16:00)
Nobel Biocare Workshop: Zygoma Concept- Surgical Hands-On Session
Instructor: Dr. Ed Bedrossian

This hands-on course will allow the participants to understand the armamentarium and the surgical protocol for placement of  Brånemark System* Zygoma implants using the ad modum Brånemark technique. The discussion will focus on understanding the ‘trajectory’ of the osteotomy. The steps for placement of a single zygoma implant as well as the zygoma quad concept will be communicated in depth.

Key objectives of the course are:

  • Understand the armamentarium for placement of the Brånemark System* Zygoma implant
  • Understand the steps in placing the zygomatic implant
  • Understand the modified steps for the placement of the zygoma quad concept

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Price: $125.00 USD / person